Welcome to the UpCrowdMe family.

We are on a mission to change communities around the world by bringing our members into abundance. A gift and a little faith are the keys to unlocking Total & Complete Abundance. Make sure to make your first donation to your inviter and get our software working straight away. Your first donations should be rolling in about 24-48 hours after you activate the system. Don’t miss out on any donation money that might roll past you. Upgrade to the higher levels at anytime by making a donation directly to your inviter. Race to the top and be in position to receive roll up donations for members enrolling after you.

When you make your first $5 Donation we give you access to the facebook software.  You can be successful with only 3 donor/members ever.  You can upgrade at any time without skipping levels.

You will always donate to the same person, your Beneficiary.  UNTIL YOUR FIRST DONATION IS MADE, YOUR BENEFICIARY WILL SHOW AS UPCROWDME, THIS IS NORMAL so your Funding Lines are not filled with people who will never donate.


Colin Patrick Kot

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Villa De Alvarez,Colima,