Radix RehmanniaeSpica Prunellae VulgarisPericarpium Citri ReticulataeRadix Angelicae SinensisRadix BupleuriRadix Paeoniae AlbaRadix Glycyrrhizae UralensisCordyceps Sinensis


Enhance immunityHelp to increase the amount of CD4+lymphocyteHelp to prevent and relieve the complications of AIDSAdvantages:Made from 8 precious herbs by an effective formula to improve immunity and increase CD4+cells.Significantly enhance the capability against the infection with diseases.Natural and pollution-free.Target Groups:People intending to have more CD4+cells, such as AIDS patients and people with abnormal immune function.People intending to improve immunity, relieve respiratory diseases and combat against infections such as asthma, cold, fever, cough and short breath.


Take 3 capsules each time with boiled lukewarm water, three times a day. (3 capsules PO tid,Take 2 hours pc)For best results, take capsules 2 hours after meals.


400mg × 60capsules


Don’t use this product when known hypersensitivity to any of the components exists. Don’t use during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. Not for children under the age of 12 years.