the product**name: *superdose*(100% herbal)nafdac no: a7 -2120l (approved in 2016)*country of manufacture* nigeria*health benefit*:note that this product is curative and not for management of many of the common incurable conditions.Anti-oxidantimmune modulation/boostingdetoxifierboost fertilityimproves eye sightanti bacteria/anti viral, anti fungalnatural antibiotics*composition*echinaceagarlicuva ursiipomea purgetumericzinclecithinwith the above listed ingredients, *superdose* has proven to cure chronic illnesses like, cancer, stds, asthma, stress, eye problem, kidney/liver problems, infertility, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hepatitis, stroke, and many other hitherto incurable diseases. *product type* capsule*dosage: on empty stomach, 2 caps in the morning and 2caps in the evening for adults, children 1 capsule per day .To be taken with warm water.People with ulcer should take with food. Not recommended for pregnant women