If you have been on this domain for the past week you might have come across this post.

The land.

Before I was talking about it on the write ups made then, that’s the picture of the land, and if you could go and check it again you’ll notice that there’s already buildings on the site ( where people are living. ) I didn’t say building, I said buildings.

Beside that there’s already electricity there, you can still check on the picture. 

Now let’s talk about this land we’re talking about, the title of the land is ‘ family agreement ‘, the real owner is willing to sell it for the amount mentioned. At the moment this area in ikorodu ( adamo ) is a well developing area where I still can’t believe how many estates and industrial businesses are there.

The location palace at adamo ikorodu is not far from you, even if you’re not living there, you can even after making payment  you can start your foundation on fencing it. get c of o , sign with the owner while seals the document with your lawyer ( if any ).

The size of the land available in the site, is currently  a full plot and half.  With some extra gains ( space ) facing the road.The actual price is N2m, but the owner is willing to sell at N1.75m.

One thing I like about the place is that you don’t even need to enter inside, inside the street to enter the land. Just by the road side.

You can send a WhatsApp message with the number 07012708086  to see the video of this place, I wish many plots are still available there.

And finally, be a landlord.🗝️

Call now for inspection and other inquiries: 07012708086