GI Capsule Contains:Soft gel capsules containing natural ingredients including:

Sesame OilCera Flava Scutellariae Radix and other edible herbs, which provide phytosterols, bio-flavones, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E.Product Specification:40 capsules per bottle 0.5 g/capsule,20g/bottleUse as General Health Food Supplement ,Enhancing absorption of nutrients from food.Promoting regeneration and health of normal cells in the body.Maintaining homeostasis of the body .Direction for Use:Please see package insert.2 times/day, Adult: 3-5 Caps/time; Child: 1-2 Caps/time.One hour before meal, or at gastrointestinal discomfort


Room temperature .It is effective for the prevention and relief of Gastrointestinal tract disorders such as :Constipation Irritation of  stomach ( by alcohol or spicy food)Fight all forms of ulcers including throat ulcer Rejuvenate/Regenerate cells .Prevents and fight Cancer ,Improves the digestive process and lowers inflammation, Promotes wound healing Good for diabetics ,Pile Hypertension Longevity ,Durable, Effective,Unique,LongevityRepairs skin. A solution for rejuvenation ,Regenerates mucosa of the Gastrointestinal tract. Regenerates normal cells in the body, etc.Help to relief stress