Nitro Tightening Antiseptic Feminine Soap for Vagina Care is an antiseptic feminine soap that is specifically made to be safe, mild and gentle especially for the Female Vagina cleansing.1. It is an antiseptic feminine soap that is safe, mild and gentle with camomile formula for feminine hygiene.2. It is ideal for every woman who wants to re-tightened her loose vaginal muscles and especially for women after child-birth.3. It secures the vagina from bacteria and other infections as well as secures it. This combats abnormal odor, itching, a better, refreshing relieve to women undergoing their monthly menstrual cycle.DIRECTIONS:Clean for free of unpleasant odor and tighten vaginal muscle. Use regularly twice daily. In the morning and Night. Or any time as needed for best great feeling. Mild and gentle, safe and effective to use.NOTE:This soap is prohibited for use by pregnant women.