LIST OF AVAILABLE IMPOUNDED VEHICLES 1. Toyota Corolla2. Toyota Camry3. Honda Accord4. Toyota Sienna5. Volkswagen Golf6. Range Rover Sport7. Lexus RX and ES 350, 330, 3008. Toyota Venza9. Mercedes-Benz G Class and C Class10. Toyota Highlander11. Toyota Rav412. Kia Rio13. Toyota Avalon14. Ford Explorer15. Honda Pilot16. Ford Edge17. Toyota Prado18. Acura MDX19. Toyota Hiace Bus20. Dyna Truck21. Mack Truck22. Man Diesel23. Van (pick up)And so on.

(08131613769) NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE AUCTION 2020/2021 SESSION  WE SELL ALL KINDS OF CLEAN TOKUNBO CARS AT CHEAPER RATE.   WE ALSO SELL BAGS OF RICE AT THE RATE OF N10,000 PER BAG AND THE DELIVERY CHARGES PER BAG IS N1000 VEGETABLE OIL ALSO AVAILABLE FOR N6,000 NAIRA ONLY, AND  ANY KIND OF PHONES IS ALSO AVAILABLE AND LAPTOPS IS AVAILABLE ALSO.   FOR CLEARANCE,BOOKING & DELIVERY.  BUYERS SHOULD CALL To Place An Order Of Your Choice.  SOME OF THE AVAILABLE CARS FOR SALE ARE :   Golf 2,3,4 N300,000  Toyota Camry 2.2 Tiny-Light-N400,000  Toyota Camry Big-Daddy-N600,000  Toyota Avalon-N500,000  Toyota Corolla-N500,000  Toyota Matrix-N450,000  Toyota Sienna-N850,000  Toyota Avensis-N600,000  Toyota Rav4-N800,000  Toyota Haice-Bus-N1.2m  Toyota Highlander-N900,000  Toyota Prado-N900,000  Toyota Yaris-N500,000  Nissan Pathfinder-N800,000  Honda Accord-N450,000  Honda Pilot-N850,000  Lexus Rx350-N1,000,000  Lexus ES330-N650,000  Lexus Rx330-N800,000  Lexus Rx300-N700,000  Volkswagen Passat-N300,000  Nissan Almera-N500,000  Toyota Dyna Truck-N650,000  THEY ARE IN GOOD AND PERFECT CONDITION, PLEASE CALL ON (08131613769) THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE.