Private Line (PL) / Digital Private Line (DPL) function

Use unique PL / DPL feature set for a group, received the same frequency helps prevent crosstalk.


Long battery life

Battery saving mode enabled case, a battery that can support users up to 8 hours of talk time.


The front panel features programming

The front panel keypad that allows users to quickly call frequently used functions such as scanning,

transmit power selection or repeater / direct mode selection.


Low battery indicator

And power indicator LED plus audio tone, can alert the user to low battery.


Relay / off-grid

Users only need to click the button to select point-through mode or trunk call mode.



Allows users to monitor the activities of each communication channel, so you do not miss an important message.


Delete interference channel

Temporarily remove the interference channel from the scan list.



Allows the user to monitor the situation calls for all channels.


Voice activation (VOX)

Mag One advantage of optional accessories available for convenient hands-free operation.