Ict-University Register now for the FOUR MONTHS Continuing Education Program and get a certificate in one of the following courses:Programming in C++; Programming in Python and Java; Database; Cloud Computing; Project Management; Entrepreneurship; Operations Management; Human Resource Management; Systems Audit and Control, Marketing; Accounting; Banking; ICT and Society; Internet Technologies; Management; Digital Literacy.Click here to apply https://ictuniversity.org/application-form.PHONE/WHATSAPP/IMO : +237 678 764 037, +237 665-507-297, +237 651 060 049https://youtu.be/dw9OAPWa8VAWebsite: www.ictuniversity.org .Everyone is eligible.Continuing Education is a special program whereby anyone wishing to undertake a particular course, irrespective of the educational level or background can do so.