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My Printer is Offline is one of the most common issues encountered by Windows 10 users. The printeris not connected and not responding to any command. The status of the printer is offline and no printjob is completed by the printer. This status implies that the computer is not communicating with theprinter. You are also facing Printer offline error in Windows 10? Here are some easy troubleshootingsteps to get the issue fixedFix 1: Printer Settings ChangeThis is the most easily fixed among st all; you need to restart the computer and the printer from thepower source. Here are some simple guidelines to follow to fix Printer offline error in windows 10:· Navigate Printer Windows via the control panel· Look for the correct printer is set to default· Right-click & it; Default printer & it; Print queue· Now in the box, if any unfinished tasks remove from the list.· Now in the queue window, select the printer and make sure to unchecked the Use Printer Offlineoption· Also, check the printer is properly connected to the computerFix 2: Printer Properties ChangeThis is also an easy fix to get the issue fixed. By just changing the printer properties you can fix printer.