1. Anti- rust and anti-corrosion(Stainless steel/Zina alloy/Brass material optional)

2. Famous brand chips–Atmel or-Philips,sufficiently stable, lock can use for 20 years

3. ANSI standard 5 latches lock body ensure security, anti-strike

4. Data collector can download lock records, eg. when,who use which key open lock

5. 4pcs AA batteries can use about 10-12 months

6. Working clock is setted inside locks to control the effective time limit of card if set check out time 11:00AM, pass 11:00AM, guest card can not open door lock

7.Two unlock ways: RFID card or mechanical key (Master mechanical key optional)

Card Usage

1. Guest card: Issued from reception to open its own room with expiring date

2. Master card: Hold by management or GM-or manager to access all rooms of hotel with deadbolt opening

3. Floor card: Hold by clean staff to enter the rooms in one floor.

4. Building card: Hold by manager to enter the rooms in one building

5. Lost card: Used to suspend the lost guest card6. Emergency card: Enter the all rooms when emergency

RFID Hotel Door Lock System


1.RF Door Lock (qty = guest room)———installed in doors

2.Encoder (qty=1-2pcs/hotel ) ————–For issuing/ program all cards to be unlock key

3.Energy-saving Switch (qty = guest room)—To control power,saving power for you.

4.Cards (qty = 3-5 times of guest room)—–be programmed to be the key by encoder

5.Data collector (1pc/hotel, Optional)——Download unlock records(Who/When open) from lock

6.Software,English language(free)—-For control and management the whole system. SDK support. For other language software, you can translate it to be your language.

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