Portable metal buildings (or portable steel buildings) are metal buildings that are built to dimensions that make it easy for them to be relocatable or transportable across roads in Nigeria to any destination where they are needed.

These portable metal building has the following features:

1. Structure: steel

2.External wall: 50mm thick polyurethane insulated sandwich panels

3. ROOF: Aluminium roofing sheets

4. Suspended ceiling

5. Door: steel / aluminium

6. Windows: Aluminium sliding windows

7. Floor finish: ceramic tiles

8. Window anti burglary bars

9. Room height: 2.2m

10. Electrical wiring, lights and sockets

These Portable metal build can be used as:

1. Office building

2. Employee accommodation 

3. Warehouse

4. Event hall

5. Factory building

6. Health centres / clinic / hospitals

7. Point of sale kiosks

8. Telecom shelters

9. School building

10. Restaurants / Eatery building

11. Construction site accommodation

12. Residential accommodation

We at Erimama Investment Company Ltd, are experts in the construction of Portable metal buildings.

We sell standard sized Portable metal buildings, but also manufacture to whatever size our customer wants. 

If it cannot be transported, we will move the materials to the site and construct the building there.

To place your order, send your full names and phone number to: +2348182243475. And our customer service personnel will call you within 48hrs.

For a video view of our 6m by 2.4m portable metal building, partitioned into 2 offices + 1 toilet send full names and whatsapp number to : +2348182243475.