HetoGrow is an investment management firm trading as HetoGrow Capital Limited in the UK and HetoGrow Investments Limited in Nigeria. They are keen on capital restructuring, asset securitisation and transaction services spread across investment banking, mobile telecom & solar technology and consulting. With the aim to grow relationships with their target clientele base including Funds, VC, PE and other institutional clients.

HetoGrow Technology invests in soft and hard technologies with primary emphasis on quick impact technologies for Africa. Years ago a staff unwittingly bought a fake solar power bank for one of their out-of-town projects in Nigeria. It never worked. Fed up with too many fake power banks in the market, HetoGrow decided to develop their own solar power banks for use in Nigeria. Many people liked it and demand soon increased when news spread about the speed of charge and durability. Soon enough people started showing interest in the UK as well.

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