Harbin is the best Transportation application. It’s no secret that intermediary companies are making shipping and transportation more expensive than ever today. We don’t just pay one company to transport our goods. 

Harbin is about transportation, it’s a marketplace where we offer to any user to send a request of transport service of any type (person, mail, package) and to allow any user to carry out a transport and that whatever these assets (by foot, bike, truck). The main idea is to issue a request form Harbin, that other users can bid, once the submission is approved, the carrier will execute the mission.

With Harbin – A transportation Application, app users can initiate any kind of request in the carrier marketplace, directly with the courier, without contacting any third party. They can:

  • input the place and time of department
  • arrival times
  • keywords to fine-tune requests

Best thing is that we can use Harbin app anywhere in the world, whenever it’s required, Just open the Harbin app and enter your transport exchange. Sign up as a carrier, and start securing additional income.

Harbin can be used by regular people to transport goods and items, as well as those looking

for additional side income today. Anyone with two feet or a car can transport a request,

adding another means of income to the gig economy. We’re going to look at both sides of

the app and how it can totally change your life.

During the entire experience of use of the application, the logged-on user can be both a user requesting a transport service and a carrier.

At any time a user can initiate a transport request by entering a form that will generate as and when it is entered. (Any transport request will consume a certain amount of credit depending on demand)

  • As long as the request has not found carrier the user can delete it, once the user validates the submission of a carrier, it can no longer be canceled

 At any time any user can view the transport requests on a map or calendar view and decide to bid on this request to run it;

  • As long as the bid has not been approved, the carrier may cancel the auction, once the requesting transport user validates the carrier’s bid, the bid can no longer be canceled.

Whenever a transport request is bid, the applicant will receive a notification, the requesting user can chat with the carrier, once this bid is validated by the transport applicant, the transport request will be assigned a unique identifier ( code bare) and will display to both parties the second party’s contacts by keeping the chat.

From the moment the carrier starts the execution of the transport request, (will start to move to the place of removal), Harbin will send a notification to the applicant to inform him of the start of the service and allow him to see the evolution of the service on a map, from there, any evolution will give rise to the sending of a notification.