Fishplus Garden and Events Centre is specializing in providing sales and supply of healthy live catfish and chicken for your daily consumption. 


Our fish comes in varieties such as BBQ Croaker Fish, Dry Pepper Fish, Foil Paper Grilled Catfish, and Fresh Fish Pepper soup, etc, to give customers a rich nutritional experience. We understand the importance of a healthy meal, which has prompted us to deliver fresh fish from our farm and homegrown chicken to meet our customer’s everyday needs. 


We are located at Igbo-Elerin in a quiet and convenient environment with ease of access from the major road. 

  • We also have open space for events such as Weddings, Birthdays, and meetings and for church services, etc. at an affordable rate with standard equipment such as DJ/Musical Equipment/PA System. 
  • Our trademark rest upon our ability to continually provide excellent customer service delivery and satisfaction.


Kitchen and Bar: Specialize in Fish


  • Fresh Fish Pepper Soup
  • Dry Fish Pepper
  • Dry fish in Sauce
  • BBQ Croaker Fish
  • Foil Paper Grilled Catfish
  • Full Chicken with green vegetables
  • Chicken Pepper Soup





  • Fried Meat
  • Kpomo
  • Nkwuobi


Fishplus Poultry: We sell Eggs in crates and live chickens

  • Eggs
  • Broiler
  • Old Layers


Event Centre: Mostly for wedding, parties, and meetings

  • Open space for rent
  • Roofed space for rent
                                        • DJ/Musical Equipment/PA System for rent