Training Program is a 3 Month program focus on skill development in the Financial Sector. The program motto is to bridge the GAP between industries and academics and to building a strong base of Fundamental of Finance and their implementation in the current market scenario. FATP focus on developing the Financial skill set of a candidate so that he/she can provide accurate and data-based information on Company’s Profitability, Stability and Liquidity.

Learning MS Excel as an “Analytical Tool” and its practical application of advanced functions, user-defined functions, and tools for real-time analysis. Participants of the program learn to make dynamic financial models and make a valuation of Securities using different valuation methods like(DDM, DCF, Regression, Residual Mode..) from scratch. This program is highly practical in nature and participants are given solved examples and case studies for conceptual understanding. On the completion of Program participants able to manage various aspect of a company’s Financial or their own Business Financial as a “Financial Analyst”, who can make well-informed decisions, Write Reports and Monitor Financial Movements.The Program includes classroom and online teaching with video support, Case Study, Placement and Certification which is globally accepted and is accredited by DAC (Dubai Accreditation Centre, Dubai) and IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) at the end.