Wellpack Europe is offering Ethafoam on discounted rates within UK or for UK Customers only. Polyurethane foam wellpackeurope(.)com/ethafoam-stratocell-white-planks-grey-foam-polyethylene-closed-cell-foam is an open-cell material that, when properly used, dampens shocks and vibrations. It is a stable material: even after more than ten years of storage, it can always be in good condition. With time, however, it deteriorates (in some laboratory environments, it even deteriorates very quickly). Therefore, avoid contact with objects. For good performance, store the foam in a dark place or, even better, in a black polyethylene bag or bag. Store scraps or angles assembled in black or dark green trash bags.

It is very easy to shape this material. It can be cut with a band saw or an electric knife, and it sticks very well with a hot melt adhesive. For a neat result, cut a piece of foam from the edge of the angle after gluing together its elements. Minimal loss of material is not expected to affect performance. Do not cut large flat areas, as the thickness will be reduced.

Polyurethane ester foam does not bear a particular brand name. It is available from crate manufacturers (laminated panels held together by riveted aluminum extrusions) for the transportation of electronic equipment or fragile objects. Manufacturers located in most major cities can supply foam sheets or scrap.