Haloocom’s most recent communications technology can increase your profitability and fundamentally enhance how you cooperate with and serve clients. Advance quicker, react snappier, convey more. Haloocom has three items – IP PBX, Contact Center, and Video Conferencing system.

Designed for all types of Business. Product suites starting from 10 extensions to 1000 extensions. VoIP | PRI | GSM – You name the interface & we support them.

Suits Outbound or Inbound contact centers or remote agents. Our unique predictive call algorithm will increase the productivity by 3x & reduce Telecom cost Up to 75%.

Haloocom Go Live is a Video Conferencing software powered by Bluejeans. Go Live gives you the freedom to be a part of the Video Conference from anywhere, any device. Go Live, is the best way to open up video conferencing to everyone.

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