Throughout the years, I have had my clients jump through hoops to get draft bills that look like the actual bill.

The problem is, when they run the draft bills and distribute them for review, the draft often gets sent out without the approval process.

We have tried printing them on colored paper, changing headers or footers, adding one time messages to temporarily indicate they are drafts.  Obviously this is a cumbersome task and removing the draft information on all bills often gets missed.

Enter Timeslips 2015 with its new Draft Bill capability. Starting with Sage Timeslips 2015, a draft bill can include watermarks on the bills to indicate they are draft bills.  Using the report options, you can customize the watermark information.

Here are your options:

Limit description to four lines

Include watermark

Choose diagonal printing of watermark

Display the date the draft bill was produced.  By displaying the date, the draft was run, you will be able to determine the

most recent draft in the case of multiples.  Remember, the print date is often different from the bill date.

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