StoneBridge stone-coated roofing tiles come in 6 distinct profiles:

Bond, Classic, Milano, Roman, Shake, and Shingle.


These styles offer a variety of choices which can be matched appropriately based on the architectural style of the building they will roof.  Our tiles also come in a wide range of colours to cater to the varying tastes of our customers, from warm earthy tones such as terracotta, burnt sienna and reddish brown to dark shades of grey, green and blue and black. When installed, each of our profiles boasts of an elegant, stylish and high end look and finish.

StoneBridge roof tiles are designed to withstand severe weather conditions like extreme heat, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, high winds & even hurricanes. The tiles are hail, fire and earthquake resistant; corrosion, algae & fungi resistant, environmentally friendly and maintenance free, giving you lasting assurance and peace of mind.



Contemporary yet traditional in outlook, StoneBridge Shingle is known for its distinctive vertical ridges which give the roof a bold appearance with unique charm. Our Shingle profile has been specifically designed to resemble the look of traditional Asphalt Shingles or Wooden Shingles, however, our tiles have many advantages over them.

Stone coated Shingles are known to last a life time if installed properly, making them a great investment for any homeowner.  The steel base of our tiles makes them highly durable as they are able to withstand extreme weather including gusting winds, heavy rain or hail, and many other adverse conditions.

While asphalt needs to be regularly inspected  to ensure they are in good working condition, stone coated Shingles are virtually maintenance free! They create a thick shield around the home, keeping it safer from poor weather conditions and eliminating most of the repair costs associated with traditional roofing.

Available in a wide range of colours, including Mesquite, Tiger, Burnt Oak, Copper and Coffee Brown, this profile adds wonderful appeal to both modern and traditional architecture.


StoneBridge Shake offers the distinctive beauty and richness of cedar shake, while providing the durability and longevity of stone coated steel. This combination makes StoneBridge Shake the ideal choice for many. The structure is deeply ribbed giving a shadowy appearance to create visual contrast in the eyes of the beholder. This superior product is currently available in Charcoal with plans to introduce more colours in the near future.

All our profiles are lightweight and easy to install but the major advantage Shake has over traditional cedar shake is the fact that it is fire resistant making it one of the safest roofing options available today.  While traditional cedar roofs need a lot of maintenance and repair which is costly and requires a lot of effort on the part of the homeowner, Stonebridge’s Shake is totally maintenance free.


Stonebridge’s Roman profile boasts the elegant and authentic appearance of natural clay roofing used in Mediterranean homes with the strength and longevity of stone coated steel roofing. The curved shape of the tile coupled with its pronounced profile makes our Roman tile unique among stone-coated steel tiles and extremely popular with our customers.

StoneBridge Roman is available in several colours such as Charcoal, Red and Black and is guaranteed to provide a beautiful finish to any home.

Our tiles are algae and fungi resistant as a result of the multi-layered protective coatings that protect them from environmental and weather changes. This is particularly important in regions where humidity is rampant, such as West Africa, giving rise to the growth of different types of microorganisms


Stonebridge’s Bond profile has been designed to replicate the natural weathered look of traditional European slate roofs. This unique profile comes with the option of random patches of colour which are only subtly different to the main tile colour resulting in a very natural looking roof with shadows and crevices that entice the eye.  Our Bond profile is available in the following colours Charcoal, Coffee brown, Burgundy. When installed they give a distinct scalloped look to the roof.

Our stone coated roof tiles undergo multiple quality control procedures and tests during the production process resulting in one of the most durable and reliable roofing systems in the market today.


The StoneBridge Milano tile portrays the timeless look of traditional Mediterranean roofs and is ideally suited to coastal homes. The design of this tile comes from Roman heritage giving a bold yet elegant look that is sure to invite appreciation from whoever sees it.

Our roof tiles are able to maintain their aesthetic appearance as they are manufactured with multi-layered protective coatings as per the highest global standards.  The tiles are UV & Corrosion Resistant; the powerful combination of aluminium and zinc coating protects the tiles from rust and corrosion while the acrylic over glaze safeguards the tiles from the harsh rays of the sun.

The Milano profile tiles are available in a range of blended colours which include Charcoal, Walnut, Red, Black and Bricks. These colours are inspired by the Mediterranean region so that they can be used to enhance any exterior colour of the house.


The Classic tile from StoneBridge’s collection is a well-defined angular profile with multiple sharp lines which give it structure and depth, making it the favourite choice for those who like to live on the edge!  Our Classic range is available in three distinct colours – Charcoal, Coffee Brown and Tiger – that cater to different designs and tastes.

Our stone coated roof tiles are produced from the highest quality raw materials- the base is made from 100% Korean steel, one of the strongest and most durable types of steel in the world.  The base steel is then coated with multiple layers of protective coating and finished with stone granules that retain their colour, resulting in a roof that is not only stunning to look at but that lasts a lifetime.