Product Description                                                                     

Two way APRS(Auto Position Report System),The device can display the carrier own location and send the location information to parterner’s device; Also it can receive others same style device location. The device composite of GSM / WCDMA Module, Beidou/GPS Module, Low power consumption wireless data transmission module, High Sensitive intercom module, Inertial Module, Wifi Module, SIM card, Display, Battery and Charging circuit.


By the aid of the device high accurancy GPS/Beidou positioning module, the authenticated device which can realize multi-mode LBS. Including real-time positioning, historical route query, movement area partition, Gen-Fence alarm,SOS alarm..etc. Real-time positioning including device and device location relationship (such as Distance,Oriention,Altitude .etc). it also can realize the high-definition voice intercom via the high sensitive intercom module.